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AI-Powered Productivity: Empowering Your Team

Scott Rogers

Senior Vice President, Supply Strategy

Seth Hodgson

Vice President of Engineering, Immersive Learning

Steve Ballinger

Udemy Instructor Partner

AI has the potential to help workers do their jobs faster and better. As economist and professor Richard Baldwin said at the 2023 World Economic Forum’s Growth Summit, “AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”

This webinar explores how companies can use generative AI responsibly to empower their team, drive results, and manage risk.

Industry experts, including popular Udemy instructor Steve Ballinger, discuss how businesses should use AI ethically. Scott Rogers, Senior VP of Supply Strategy at Udemy, and Seth Hodgson, Udemy VP of Engineering, Immersive Learning, share insights on how Udemy uses AI to empower instructors and enhance the learner experience while sharing important lessons learned along the way.


  • Learn why companies are using AI
  • Find out what to keep in mind about ethics and AI tools
  • Hear valuable considerations for safe internal implementation