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Navigating the Reskilling Revolution

The reskilling revolution is here. Are you ready?

We’re on the verge of experiencing the largest job transition since the shift from agriculture to manufacturing jobs during the Industrial Revolution. As we shift to a more automated and digital workplace, businesses will be on the frontlines of this change.

Although 90% of companies know digital disruption is around the corner, only 44% are adequately preparing for it, according to MIT Sloan Management Review.

Prepare your business for disruption

How can your company prepare your workforce and business for disruption? How do you anticipate the skills your employees will need?

To help guide your reskilling programs, we provide the hot new skills trending on our Udemy platform of 24+ million learners worldwide.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • The top 10 tech skills, IT skills, and soft skills trending in 2018
  • New disruptive technologies to keep an eye on
  • The skills you’ll need to keep your business up to speed
  • 5 steps to prepare your employees for the future of work.
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