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Praisidio & Udemy Business Integration

Giới thiệu Praisidio

Praisidio is a talent retention management company working to solve the problem of employee attrition through machine learning by:

- Unifying enterprise and HCM data
- Applying advanced machine learning to reveal talent risks early and in real-time
- Providing actionable insights, root cause explanations, comparisons, along with recommendations
- Enabling employee care at scale to improve employee engagement and retention

Cách thức hoạt động:

Giới thiệu về tích hợp

Praisidio is a machine learning-based solution that identifies employees who are at risk of voluntary attrition. It then creates individually tailored paths to improve retention.

By pairing Udemy Business with Praisidio, customers can increase the impact of their learning programs and better measure their influence on the organization.

Lợi ích chính:

Empowers you to take action to retain employees with early visibility into the cause of employee attrition

Increase engagement with current content through seamless automatic syncing

Provide a 360-degree approach to employee development

Demonstrate the ROI of your initiatives, including the impact of Udemy Business on employee retention

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