Overcoming Workplace Stress Study

The Real Story Behind Workplace Stress, Skills, and Success in America


With the fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology replacing jobs, employees in America are feeling more stressed today than ever before. But how are they combating this epidemic? 58% are turning to company-sponsored training.

Our 2017 Workplace Stress Study reveals how HR and L&D leaders can better address workplace anxiety.

Get the study results to learn about:

  • The top drivers of stress at home and at work
  • Generational differences related to stress in the workplace
  • How training and learning & development can help mitigate stress
  • How companies can invest in programs that support long-term employee success
This online survey was conducted by Toluna Group on behalf of Udemy in April 2017 among 1,000+ U.S. office workers in full-time jobs who are ages 18 or older.
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