Addressing the Skills Gaps That Hinder Innovation

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An ongoing priority for executives — one that existed before, during, and after the pandemic — is ensuring employees have the skills needed to not only do the job at hand, but also to innovate ahead of the competition. This ebook examines what innovation is, what drives it, and how executives can develop employee skills that lead to innovation.

Innovation skills are rarely addressed with training. But organizations can bridge this gap by focusing on developing key skills and a culture that supports innovation. According to a study by Fjord / Accenture Interactive, only 30% of the people tasked with leading innovation have developed the skills necessary for supporting long-term innovation in their companies. By developing abilities like analytical thinking, active learning, and complex problem-solving, you may not have to hire your next creative genius; they may already work for you.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • What innovation really is (and how it’s often misunderstood)
  • Which conditions are required for innovation
  • How to fill your company’s innovation skills gap
  • Case study: How a global enterprise shaped a new culture of innovation with training
  • Why different industries innovate in different ways

This resource will help you better understand how to meet the challenges of developing an innovative workforce that is ready to meet constant market disruption with more innovative products and creative approaches to work.

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