GenAI and the Skills-Based Organization: How Cutting-Edge Tech Will Redefine Talent Management

Conner Forrest

Senior Research Analyst

Effective talent management for today’s workplace requires a multifaceted approach that provides visibility into learning opportunities employees want, insights on the skills most valuable to an organization, and intelligence in planning for the future. This shift toward a skills-based organization is driven by a deeper understanding of how to support corporate priorities and the employee experience—all underpinned by the use of Generative AI and modern learning technologies.

Watch Conner Forrest, Senior Research Analyst at S&P Global, in this engaging webinar as he delves into the priorities and perspectives of a skills-based organization and highlights the significant impact of Gen AI on the future of talent management.

Assista ao webinar para:

  • Understand why now is the time that companies are moving to a skills-based approach
  • Discover how HR and L&D teams are using generative AI to advance strategic objectives
  • Gain insights into key genAI use cases for employees and managers at every level

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