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Taking the Lead: Skills for Leaders in a Changing World


There’s no single path to leadership — a fact made clearer over the last few years of constant change. From digital transformation to hybrid work to generative AI, leaders face evolving challenges. While there’s no single path to take or playbook to use to cultivate strong leaders, learning from other leaders’ experiences is an important foundation for developing leadership skills.

Taking the Lead: Skills for Leaders in a Changing World is a collection of anecdotes and advice from some of the most successful leaders in the business world and academia. Drawn from the first three seasons of the Leading Up podcast, hosted by Alan Todd, VP of Leadership Development at Udemy, this ebook offers perspectives from business professors, C-suite executives, and L&D leaders who explore how to work, lead, and live differently.

Download the ebook for decades worth of leadership perspectives, including:

  • How to tap into the power of purpose-driven leadership
  • What it takes to foster an inclusive culture
  • How committing to continuous learning helps to navigate the unknown
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