The Art Of Strategic Persuasion

Practical Tools to Break Down Silos and Gain Buy-In for Your Ideas

Good ideas can be quickly shot down—even those that might have potential to generate millions in value. To thrive, ideas must be sold. People need a reason to care and pay attention to an idea that may not currently be on their list of priorities.

Moreover, today’s leaders work with an average of up to 10 additional groups to get work done. Because leaders don’t have authority over all 10, persuasion is a key tool for gaining support. This competency is often called “influence without authority.”

In this course, learners will:

  • Develop situational awareness to determine an organization’s readiness for an idea, which enables leaders to be strategic in how they present the idea to key stakeholders
  • Analyze barriers that may prevent others from being supportive of the idea
  • Identify persuasion styles and communication preferences within their team and the greater organization
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Learners Will:

  • Understand the difference between influence and authority and how to develop skills to persuade others at all levels of the organization
  • Discover how to build trust and credibility with stakeholders outside one’s immediate network
  • Evaluate their personal persuasion style and identify how to adjust that style to connect with their audience

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Mario Moussa

President, Moussa Consulting and Adjunct Instructor, NYU and Educator, Duke Corporate Education

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