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How to Upskill Your Tech Teams with Immersive Learning

Ryan Petigura

Sales & Solutions Engineer at Udemy

Sandy Rodrigues

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Udemy

With technology changing faster than ever before, business leaders are challenged with keeping global technical talent skilled at the pace of change to avoid skill gaps that disrupt productivity, innovation, and profits. The right learning partner can ensure that tech teams have the latest in-demand skills needed to stay engaged and support high-impact business outcomes.

In this webinar, our experts provide a live product demonstration and explain how Udemy’s hands-on, immersive learning program helps technology teams accelerate technical skills development to drive innovation, improve productivity, and cut costs.

Tonton webinar ini untuk:

  • Learn ways to connect learning and development to business impact.
  • Discover how to increase productivity and employee retention with active, personalized learning and applied practice.
  • Get an in-depth look at Udemy’s immersive learning program, including labs, assessments, and workspaces designed to rapidly upskill your tech teams

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