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ITX Relies on Udemy Business to Reflect a Strong Culture of Learning and Increase Employee Loyalty

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Upskill job applicants during the interview process
Improved employee loyalty

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In 2016, ITX’s VP of Global Talent, Hernan Chiosso, sought a learning platform to complement the company’s commitment to building a strong culture of learning and investing in its workforce. ITX chose Udemy Business because its mission to “prepare employees for whatever comes next” aligns well with ITX’s goal of helping employees keep their skills fresh, develop their “whole selves,” and ultimately increase employee loyalty.

Recruiting for the right talent

ITX leaders cultivate a strong culture of learning by investing in talent right from the start. Hernan explained that ITX offers job applicants access to Udemy Business during the interview process. This unique practice helps the organization find candidates who embody a learning mindset, and gives candidates the opportunity to enhance their communication and interviewing skills in order to perform well during the screening and selection process.

If the interviewee takes the courses and enjoys learning, we know that this is a candidate we’d like to stay in touch with. We’re always looking for employees who demonstrate a learning mentality because it’s crucial to growing as an organization and maintaining our strong company culture,” he added.

We’re excited to bring Udemy Business to our global team, provide learning at scale, and deliver on our strong culture of learning and company mission by ensuring all our employees are able to develop their whole selves through their relationship with ITX.
Hernan Chiosso
VP of Global Talent at ITX

Building engagement and loyalty across employees of all levels

By investing in employees through learning, ITX has built a strong base of loyal employees. “The feedback we’ve gotten from team members is that they appreciate the tremendous growth our company has enjoyed,” Hernan said, “as well as the incredible opportunities we’ve provided through professional development, career growth, and advancement. We take great pride in the fact that ITX is consistently regarded as a great place to work, and this is illustrated through our high referral rate,” he added.

ITX developers leverage Udemy Business to access courses on crucial technical topics, such as JavaScript, .NET, AngularJS, and Scrum Development to build a baseline set of skills. “These technologies are constantly changing, and Udemy Business adapts quickly to evolving industry trends with coursework that keeps our employees’ skill sets fresh, especially as other resources become obsolete very quickly,” said Hernan. It’s an incredible resource that provides our employees with the freedom of a self-directed learning experience,” he added.

“Our goal is to develop ‘the whole person.’ We see our team members as individuals and partners in growing ITX’s future. If there’s a way for us to contribute value to our colleagues’ entire life experience, that’s what we want to do. It’s really cool that we can offer them courses on topics like meditation, yoga, guitar, and other personal interest topics through Udemy Business.”

A learning platform for employees around the world

ITX plans to expand usage of Udemy Business by translating and hosting proprietary training content so that employees around the world can keep their skills up-to-date and align on company values and norms.

Leveraging Udemy Business across the employee lifecycle

Udemy Business is an incredible resource that provides our employees with the freedom of a self-directed learning experience.
Hernan Chiosso
VP of Global Talent at ITX

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