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A New Playbook: How Invested Leaders Inspire Distributed Teams

Many teams now work in a combination of in-person, hybrid, or fully remote environments — even across different office locations. Since visual cues and spontaneous moments aren’t as plentiful, leaders need to adapt their mindset, skills, and routines to manage direct reports.

Sacha Connor, Founder and CEO of Virtual Work Insider, discusses how leaders can succeed in leading across distances using practical skills developed over a period of over 12 years of leading hybrid, remote, and geographically distributed teams.

Sacha also shares insights on how leaders can quickly adjust for success with direct reports by utilizing a proven toolkit of techniques to connect, coach, and create a culture of inclusion with a lively discussion moderated by Nathan Blain, General Manager of Leadership Development at Udemy.

People managers joining this webinar can learn:

  • What has changed for leaders and why it’s important to adapt to manage direct reports across different environments
  • Tactics to improve a team leader’s ability to coach, connect, and create an inclusive team culture
  • The benefits from investing time to build these new skills
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