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Betterworks & Udemy Business Integration

Giới thiệu Betterworks

Betterworks helps companies execute with agility on their business objectives through OKR alignment, commitment and transparency, and empowering people to perform at the highest level, from anywhere. With Betterworks, organizations can ensure alignment and accountability across the enterprise for sustained competitive advantage.

Cách thức hoạt động:

Giới thiệu về tích hợp

Through an API integration between Udemy Business and Betterworks, learners can search, discover, and launch Udemy Business content from within the Betterworks interface, and link course progress to an OKR. Detailed course progress is tracked back to Betterworks, and updated as a key result within an OKR.

Integration Capabilities:
• Course Sync
• Completion & Progress Reporting Sync (Daily)

Lợi ích chính:

Tie learning to critical company outcomes

Bridge skill gaps faster by encouraging learning within performance conversations

Fuel a culture of actionable feedback by closely aligning goals and performance with learning

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