Các lộ trình học tập dành cho Technical Professionals

GenAI Skills for Software Engineers

This path delves deeper into improving developer productivity, building LLM-powered applications, and understanding how to secure GenAI systems.

Kỹ năng:

GitHub Copilot

Building & fine-tuning LLM applications

Generative AI on the cloud

Security risks & mitigation

Ngôn ngữ:







Khoảng thời gian:

~32 hours

Learning objectives:

  1. Improve developer productivity by using GitHub Copilot.
  2. Build LLM-powered applications using ChatGPT, OpenAPI, LangChain, and LLaMA, as well as cloud-based GenAI services.
  3. Fine-tune models and use custom training data.
  4. Understand how to secure Generative AI Systems. 

Target audience:

Ideal learners include software developers or software engineers.

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