Scale learning to suit your needs

Flexible controls empower admins, protect user privacy, and get your team learning faster.

More learning, less management

Simplify user and group management at scale

  • View and manage all of your groups on one centralized page.
  • Save time by performing multiple actions in bulk. 
  • Structure groups by team, department, or project.

Save time through seamless automation

  • Get your employees learning faster by automating user and group management with SSO and SCIM.
  • Easily provision and deprovision Udemy Business access, update user details, and make changes to groups.

Empower managers to guide their teams’ learning

  • Control license allocation and distribution while still delegating responsibilities. 
  • Assign Group Admin roles so that leaders closest to employees can assign courses and learning paths.

Tighten data privacy across your organization

  • Manage permissions for Group Admins and keep visibility limited to the groups that they manage.
  • Easily remove users’ personal information to help you comply with global data privacy regulations and GDPR.
Udemy responds to the needs of the business in an agile and global manner. It’s truly the best solution for our employees and their careers.”
Luz Santillana Romero
Development and Engagement Director

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