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Drive digital transformation

In 2018, more than 50% of digital transformation efforts failed or stalled as the sheer size, complexity, and change of the mandate overwhelmed organizations.

--Forrester, The Future of IT

Boost cloud skills across AWS, Google, and Azure

Expand your team's security depth with courses on CISSP, PCI compliance, and OWASP security guidelines

Develop machine learning and AI expertise in-house

Equip your team with certification prep courses and practice tests

Your learning

From cloud computing basics to advanced automation, Udemy Business can provide your organization with the knowledge and confidence necessary to evolve, thrive and stay competitive.

Now with Udemy Business aboard, we’ve been blazing through projects within the firm. The platform has proved such a success that other parts of the business are interested in what we’ve achieved.

Sam Mannix

Digital Strategy and Innovation Manager

We have so much incredible talent in the business, so it makes sense to invest and recruit internally. By using data to proactively identify what roles and skillsets we’ll need in future, our people have even more opportunities to grow their careers with us thanks to Udemy.

Eugene Brockman

Technical Talent Manager

Udemy Business has driven accountability across the business. I now share detailed metrics with senior leadership — such as adoption and completion rates. We leverage this data within the overall company performance metrics. Our L&D program is an integral part of Silica’s overall strategy.

Sue McLaggan

Learning & Development Lead

We were able to offer Udemy org-wide, thanks to its variety and affordability. As a result of our efforts, 100% of our employees have watched content. And if we ever see low adoption, we won’t be mad at our employees for not using Udemy; we’ll be mad at ourselves for not providing enough infrastructure to power employee autonomy.

Ted Cogan

Talent Development Projects Lead

I really love Udemy’s reporting engine as it tells me the story of our learner usage and it makes our life easier when we seamlessly roll up our quarterly usage statistics for our executives and other senior stakeholders.

Kevin Freitas

Engineering Enablement Director

Quality content is key to a great onboarding experience and, in turn, the flexibility we need in our hiring process. So that was top of mind when we looked for a partner and chose Udemy Business.

Ivan Peralta

VP of Engineering

Now [with Udemy Business] it only takes two or three weeks to get new hires fully up to speed. This is a 77% reduction in the time new hires spend onboarding.

Diego Arriola

Network Operation Center Manager

Virtual learning has been one of the cornerstones of our employee engagement strategy during the pandemic. And Udemy has been central to everyone’s ability to learn and grow both professionally and personally. This initiative not only benefits their personal learning curve, but translates to tangible benefits to our company and our clients.

John Gaunt

Chief Human Resources Officer

In total, it was a big success, I would get emails about what a fantastic resource it was.

Alfred Helmerich

Executive Training Manager NTT DATA Academy at NTT DATA Deutschland

Many online learning providers offer self-paced learning. But Udemy’s course selection stood out to us. They had something directly applicable and appealing to all of our learners.

Dr. Basheerhamad Shadrach

COL Advisor for Skills

We looked at other solutions. But Udemy ultimately empowers professionals to lead their own development and constantly updates their content to meet our employees' needs — even in their native language.

Luz Santillana Romero

Development and Engagement Director

Our learning needs increase more and more each year as we scale staff and continue to grow. It was important to us to find a learning solution with high-quality content to support our team and level set the knowledge they needed in their roles.

Doug Redfield

Director of Data Architecture

We wanted to enrich the technical and soft skills learning experience for consultants and business managers and therefore, needed an offering that met the high demands of our program.

Thibaut Yven

Head of Learning at the AKKAdemy

Technologies are constantly changing, and Udemy Business adapts quickly to evolving industry trends with coursework that keeps our employees’ skill sets fresh.

Hernan Chiosso

VP of Global Talent

The feedback we’ve gotten back on Udemy has been overwhelmingly positive. The usage, the depth of content and the reputation of your instructors (…) We’ve (also) started to see the capabilities in those practices grow…specifically AWS, big data, and Microsoft Azure.

Ian Stevens

Head of Learning and Development at Sapient

I began my focus mainly on Excel classes due to my transition into the role of Risk Analyst. Although I had a basic knowledge of Excel, the Udemy Business courses helped me really increase my knowledge so I could ”wow” my new supervisor with my Excel skill set.

Kathleen Moore

Head of Learning & Development at TBC Corporation

Our Engineering teams, the primary users of Udemy, have the highest engagement scores across our company. It’s clear that access to online learning has contributed to their happiness.

Desiree Therianos

Head of People Ops at Ellation

Our younger workforce likes the breadth of courses within Udemy and the flexibility of the mobile app. They can download any course they want and view them in offline mode while they’re commuting to work!

Ajay Jacob

Digital Learning Specialist at

Our employees are using Udemy Business to work on their self-development, which is one of our organizational goals. We’re really ecstatic about their adoption of the Udemy platform.

Sue Czeropski

Director of Learning and Employee Development at Valin

Through Udemy Business, we’ve been able to be proactive and provide a baseline of knowledge – of say, Angular, for example – so we can utilize our engineering resources no matter the project. We believe Udemy Business is crucial to making sure we continue to develop our employees’ skills.

Brent Rojas

Director of Engineering ON24

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