Udemy Connect: A Virtual Miniseries for People Leaders

Introducing Udemy Connect, a virtual miniseries for L&D and People leaders to come together and discuss new ideas, programs and solutions for a new working world.

Why Udemy Connect: In times like today, it’s more important than ever for us to connect and listen to one another. Join Udemy’s SVP of HR, Cara Brennan Allamano and VP of L&D, Shelley Osborne as they lead a series of conversations to help us navigate the a virtual workforce and adapt our business strategies.  

What You’ll Get: The miniseries will cover a variety of evolving topics (see below) that will explore how you can reshape existing programs to set your workforce up for continued success.

Who You’ll Hear From: In each episode, you’ll learn from Udemy People leaders, industry experts and have the opportunity to connect with the L&D and HR community and exchange ideas via online chat.

Episode Dates:

Episode 1: Ensuring Employee Success Anytime, Anywhere (Available on-demand to all registrants)

Episode 2: Converting vs. Transforming: Taking Your Training Virtual (Available on-demand to all registrants)

Episode 3: Ready for Anything (Available on-demand to all registrants)

Episode Descriptions:

Episode 1: Ensuring Employee Success Anytime, Anywhere

Keeping an engaged and productive workforce in times of change is crucial at every stage of the employee lifecycle, and especially for new hires. How do you ensure “time to productivity” in an all virtual and distributed working world? How can you continue to foster relationship building and embed company values in the absence of in-person meet-and-greets and whiteboard sessions? And, above all, how do you help employees be successful so that you can continue to meet your business objectives?

Join Cara Brennan Allamano, SVP of People + Places and Shelley Osborne, VP of L&D at Udemy, as they lead a conversation that addresses these challenges.

Episode 2: Converting vs. Transforming: Taking Your Training Virtual

Whether it’s manager training, career navigator sessions, unconscious bias training (or all the above) your training calendar and delivery methods have likely been impacted over the past (and coming) weeks. Switching up your learning strategy to include technology to support remote learning is only the start. In order to maintain effective and impactful training, you have to evaluate how to adapt and transform your training program — which doesn’t equate to delivering the same training via video conferencing. Tune into this episode to discuss how to reimagine and redesign your training program to meet employee needs and uncover new opportunities that might just benefit your learning strategy at large, whether it is part of an in-person or virtual environment.

Episode 3: Ready for Anything 

In less than one months’ time, the needs of the workforce and organizations have shifted drastically. People leaders have been at the forefront of this transition by enabling their organization to support a virtual work environment and pivoting their learning strategy to address a new reality. So, what happens now? 

In the first two episodes of Udemy Connect, we addressed how People leaders can engage their workforce at all stages of the employee lifecycle in a virtual setting. In this episode, we’ll explore “lessons learned” from the pivots made over the past month and discuss how to ensure that the work you are focusing on today will have a long-term impact for your organization.

 As always, the Udemy marketplace moves at the speed of the market, offering the most in-demand skills to help companies achieve their most crucial business outcomes. We’re at a time now where adapting to change is more crucial than ever, and Udemy for Business is here to help you and your employees do whatever comes next.


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