Train Up Your Team with a Skills Academy


As the world of work continues to change,  the skills employees need to succeed are also constantly evolving. Gone are the days when a manager could address a skills gap for their team with  a simple Friday afternoon group learning session. To help their companies stay competitive, technical team leads are opting for a comprehensive training solution called a Skills Academy to proactively focus on industry trends and the business’s long-term strategy.

What is a Skills Academy? Sometimes called a Capability Academy, a Skills Academy is a place — whether virtual or physical — where employees receive in-depth training that supports their career growth as well as the organization’s long-term strategy.

This guide offers a FREE Skills Academy workbook and practical tips on how you can:

  • Use 7 key components to build effective Skills Academies
  • Measure the business impact of a Skills Academy in your company
  • Incorporate blended and social learning elements to make your Skills Academy engaging and impactful
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