The Top Learning Trends of 2023: Are You Ready?

What are the top skills employees will need today to take on the challenges of tomorrow? 

In this webinar, Melissa Daimler — Chief Learning Officer at Udemy — presented critical insights from our 2023 Learning Trends Report. She shared best practices and potential solutions that leaders can use to successfully implement their learning strategies and meet the challenges of today’s (and tomorrow’s) workplace. Melissa also explored our unique insights based on Udemy’s global learner data and explained how those insights relate to these trends.

Learning leaders who watch the webinar will: 

  • Delve into the powerful connection between culture, learning, and organizational success
  • Find out which business, technical, and personal skills employees are trending and how these skills are helping to drive business results
  • Discover the key insights every leader needs to help employees be more resilient and better prepared for whatever comes next.
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