The Future of Learning

How L&D is Innovating in 2018

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2018 is the year of innovation for learning & development. Exciting new technologies and approaches from augmented reality to behavior-driven learning offer opportunities to redefine workplace training.

But how can you push the envelope in your L&D department in 2018? How can you harness these new learning technologies and approaches to create innovative new L&D programs at your organization?

In this webinar, speakers from Pinterest/Intuit and Udemy will share their best practices innovating on the L&D front.

You’ll walk away with:

  • The 5 learning predictions on what L&D plans to add to their programs in 2018
  • L&D best practices in these 5 areas from behavior-driven learning to augmented reality from Pinterest/Intuit and Udemy
  • Actionable ways to implement these new innovative learning technologies and approaches at your organization
  • Inspiration on how to push the envelope at your organization in 2018.


Joel Constable

Director of Talent Development at Intuit, formerly at Pinterest

Shelley Osborne

Head of Learning & Development at Udemy

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