Transforming Through Disruption: An Experimental Approach to Designing for the Future

Rapidly changing conditions and disruption have driven many organizations to rethink their approach to learning. Over the past year, Steelcase has pivoted to meet the points of need by fundamentally shifting to an experimental design approach supported by Udemy Business. With fewer internal resources available, a new model for learning was conceived and implemented that increased accessibility and efficiencies and allowed for more user-centric experiences. 

Join Steelcase Learning’s regional team lead, Karen Hunter, along with Sarah Merchant, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Udemy Business, to hear how their partnership enables Steelcase to build learning that is accessible, impactful and sustainable in supporting long-term employee growth and development.

This session will:  

  • Examine the power of partnership and experimentation in learning experience design.  
  • Identify innovative approaches for designing scalable, global experiences that meet employees’ rapidly-changing needs via an on-demand online learning platform like Udemy Business.  
  • Illustrate methods of creating an adaptive, responsive and impactful learning program using platform analytics and other key data points.

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