Reimagining Blended Learning Experiences: Best Practices from 8 Leading Companies

New digital technologies are redefining blended learning experiences for the modern learner. In the past blended learning programs meant combining the best of classroom and online learning. Today, blended learning experiences mean layering classroom learning and online learning with a wide variety of digital technologies and L&D practices including 360 assessment tools, one-on-one coaching, social learning, and virtual reality.

Based on 8 case studies and interviews with L&D practitioners at Delta Air Lines, LG Electronics, Casper, Publicis Sapient, Tile, Zappar, Voyager, and Udemy, here are some innovative approaches to blended learning.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of blended learning
  • 8 blended learning best practices from successful L&D practitioners
  • 8 case studies of modern blended learning experiences from leading companies
  • Tips you can apply to your blended L&D programs
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