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Get Your L&D Marketing Playbook

10 L&D Marketing Tactics to Ignite Employee Engagement

Marketing tactics aren’t only for those with a marketing title. With a clear marketing strategy, L&D and HR can launch better programs and drive learning adoption. Why does this matter? “70% of CEOs feel their organization doesn’t have the skills to adapt to disruptive technologies,” according to Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends.

To reverse this trend, organizations must take the critical next step and use innovative marketing tactics to build excitement and momentum for learning. Based our experience at Udemy marketing online learning to 15+ million loyal learning fans, we’ve put together a marketing playbook to help HR and L&D leaders apply key marketing tactics to build a culture of learning.

In this playbook, you’ll learn:

  • How L&D can establish its own brand positioning to get into the minds of employees
  • A proven marketing framework translated for L&D to drive learning engagement
  • 10 key marketing tactics with hands-on advice you can use immediately
  • Best practices from L&D leaders at BuzzFeed and Dollar Shave Club
  • Get your very own checklist to begin to think like a marketer