A 4-Part Framework for Building a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid work continues to be a hot topic, but now it’s time to put that talk into practice. The challenge ahead of HR leaders is developing a hybrid work experience equitable to on-site and remote employees alike. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hybrid work that will, well, work for all companies.

This webinar will feature Hassan Osman, Udemy instructor and virtual program management expert, who will outline a practical method for designing your hybrid work model.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Conducting an equitable assessment of your employees’ return-to-office needs 
  • Running meetings that are productive for on-site and remote team members
  • Defining and evaluating the success factors of a hybrid work model

About the Instructor

Hassan Osman has been managing projects and virtual teams for the past 15+ years. In addition to being a Udemy instructor, Osman is currently a Director at Cisco Systems, where he leads Project and Program Management teams on delivering complex projects for Cisco’s customers. Osman has over 150,000 students on Udemy and boasts an average course rating of 4.5 stars. *Please note that views shared in this webinar are his own and not those of Cisco Systems.

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