Humanizing Learning Research Report

Today’s focus on digital transformation has created a lot of panic. Not only are organizations faced with figuring out which technologies need to be implemented, they also need to determine the best course of action for re-skilling the workforce in an environment based on those technologies.

In collaboration with Dani Johnson, Co-founder of RedThread Research, we discovered that more evolved organizations have a fundamentally different –human-focused – mindset. Results revealed that forward-thinking learning leaders are leveraging the characteristics that make us human to upskill their workforces faster and make them more competitive.

Read the report and discover:

  • 4 unique human traits that can give your workforce the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s digital age
  • Key considerations for your L&D team to think through as you plan for next year’s learning goals
  • Real-life case examples of how top-performing organizations embraced humanized learning programs to upskill their workforce

About RedThread Research

We’re human capital research and advisory firm that listens to you and understands your business. We’re experts in talent management, learning, and diversity and inclusion and the technologies that support them. But more importantly, we’re truth-seekers and storytellers in a world where there’s a dearth of former and much of the latter is sort of $#!%.

We use technology and collaboration to make connections between people, data, and ideas — even among seemingly unrelated concepts. As these threads come together as stories, you’ll clearly see the patterns and piece together answers. We focus on providing high-quality, unbiased foresights that you can implement for a stronger business. For more information, please visit us at www.redthreadresearch.com.

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