A Human-Centric L&D Approach in Today’s Digital Age

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For almost all organizations, digital transformation is inevitable. Google Search data shows a 900% increase of the term digital transformation. Yet, the focus on digital transformation has created a lot of panic. In navigating through the differing opinions about what the future holds – AI, automation, and robots – we find it interesting that there has been little discussion about the uniquely human characteristics that put us at the top of the food chain in the first place.

Our new research in collaboration with RedThread Research, reveals how forward-thinking leaders are leveraging the characteristics that make us uniquely human to upskill their workforces faster and make them more competitive. According to a combination of anthropological and psychological research, there are four things that separate us from other animals and species. And all of them relate to how we gather and use knowledge to develop personally and as a society, and how we learn.

How can we nurture these uniquely human traits in workplace culture to create a high-performing organization?

In this webinar, you’ll walk away with:

  • Why our ability to collaborate, envision different futures, and tell stories allow us to excel
  • The four key human traits that make us poised to embrace technology and not fear it
  • Real-world case examples of high-performing organizations that are embracing human characteristics to achieve better business results


Dani Johnson is a Co-Founder and Principal Analyst at RedThread Research.

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