How to Design Your Learning Culture

Building an organisation’s learning culture is a continuous process—especially in today’s world where skills can become outdated every three to five months. To keep up with change, it’s essential for businesses to prioritise workplace learning programs that make a lasting impact on company culture. Programs that get results have enthusiastic buy-in from employees, because they’re clear on the what, the how, and—most important—the why of work.

Join us on Thursday, July 28, when Udemy’s Chief Learning Officer, Melissa Daimler, and Prudential’s Regional Director Strategic Futures, Matt Collier, will share their firsthand experience of building a learning culture that lasts.

During this fireside chat, we will hear from Matt about the journey Prudential (a 173 year old company) took to design a Learning Framework and ended up creating a Culture Framework that it’s intimately entwined with … all during the pandemic.  You’ll learn how strategy, purpose and culture all need to be connected, and also how (and why) you can start your own process of designing your Learning Culture.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Real-world examples of creating an enduring learning culture
  • What the ‘T Shape’ learning model is and why it’s important to your organisation
  • How to create a values-based framework for learning initiatives in your organisation

Featured Speakers

Melissa Daimler

Chief Learning Officer, Udemy

Matt Collier

Regional Director Strategic Futures, Prudential

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