Gartner Report: Future of Work Reinvented: Shifting Talent and Skills

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Enterprise leaders see talent as a key challenge for their companies — particularly in times of uncertainty. Many leaders fear that talent won’t learn fast enough. The speed of change in skills defeats the two traditional approaches to managing skills within an organization: Predictive and Reactive. By 2024, 33% of the skills that were present in an average job posting in 2019 will no longer be needed, according to a Gartner TalentNeuron analysis of IT, finance, and sales jobs.

It’s also difficult for organizations to find talent in a hybrid work world, and a tight labor market creates opportunities for the best talent to leave. But leaders can address these impacts through talent agility, a skills-based approach to navigating diverse sources of talent.

In this complimentary report, Future of Work Reinvented: Shifting Talent and Skills, Gartner examines the most common talent challenges leaders face today and how organizations can achieve talent agility to enable business agility. Among these recommendations is the use of internal talent marketplaces, technology platforms that match an employee’s skills and experience with available opportunities. By 2025, 20% of large enterprises will have deployed internal talent marketplaces to optimize talent utility and agility.

Download this complimentary report to learn about talent marketplaces and Gartner®’s recommendations to address enterprise talent challenges, including:

  1. To achieve talent agility, executive leaders should take a dynamic approach.
  2. Using AI to automate the creation of more extensive talent profiles in talent marketplaces than those compiled manually by HR.
  3. Turning workers into advocates for your organization by collecting more information about the employee experience, measuring the employee experience and acting on these insights.

Gartner, Future of Work Reinvented: Shifting Talent and Skills, Helen Poitevin, Lily Mok, 19 October 2022.

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