A Framework to Tie Learning ROI to Business Outcomes

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For most organizations, every dollar and minute spent on the company’s dime is under constant evaluation. Although employee reskilling and career development often take a back seat to revenue-related business priorities, the accelerating pace of transformation has made workplace learning more business critical than ever.

That’s why we recently conducted research with IDC to reveal the impact that learning can have on an organization’s bottom line. IDC interviewed our customers and found that with an internal L&D strategy in place, businesses could achieve 869% return on investment in three years.

In this webinar, Cushing Anderson, IDC’s IT Education and Certification Research Program Vice President, and the author of our recent report, will help organizations understand how to strategically align learning programs with organizational goals to impact the business. Cushing will walk attendees through the metrics that learning can impact, the levers to maximize impact, and the outcome of a successful framework. Alongside our GM of Udemy for Business Darren Shimkus, Cushing will dive into:

  • How to link learning initiatives to strategic issues
  • How to create a framework that maximizes the impact of learning, through intention, relevance, consumption and reinforcement
  • The types of value that can be witnessed through learning, including time savings, increased productivity, and faster onboarding
  • How the L&D team at Udemy for Business maximizes learning impact across the organization


Cushing Anderson

Program Vice President, Business Consulting and IT Education at IDC

Darren Shimkus

President at Udemy for Business

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