Are Internal Talent Marketplaces the Future?

As many as 90% of organizations are actively experimenting with skills-based approaches to the workforce, according to Deloitte. However, only one in five are adopting skills-based practices to a significant extent across the organization.

As internal talent marketplaces become more widespread, the days of formal job descriptions may be numbered. This fundamental transition in how we think about work has many HR and L&D leaders wondering whether this is the right move for their organizations and employees. How can they best prepare for this significant shift in their operations to focus on skills rather than jobs?

Watch our panel of experts and practitioners as they discuss this timely topic and answer the following questions:

  • What does the transformation to a skills-based organization look like, and how does it happen?
  • What is required for establishing a talent marketplace for your organization, and how does it work?
  • What are the impacts of moving from jobs to skills and capabilities as your currency for work?

Featured Speakers

Annee Bayeux

Chief Learning Strategist, Degreed

Kevin Serveau

Senior Manager, Learning & Careers, Cisco

Caoimhe Carlos

VP, Customer Success, Udemy

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