An Insider’s Look at Udemy for Business

July 12th at 10am PST

60% of employees think their companies don’t offer adequate opportunities for them to develop professionally.

See first-hand how Udemy for Business partners with high-performing companies like PayPal, Lyft,, Adidas, and Pinterest to fuel a culture of learning and elevate the perception of L&D.

Join us July 12th at 10am PST to get an in-depth look at how Udemy for Business keeps your employees actively learning with:

  • 2,500+ of the top rated, freshest courses for professional development
  • Social learning tools that extend the role and impact of L&D
  • Reporting that delivers actionable insights for effective learning
  • Mobile technology to learn on the go
  • 24/7 customer success dedicated to supporting your company every step of the way


Grace Kuo leads Product Marketing for Udemy for Business and has spent 10+ years bringing products to market for industry-transforming companies. She is deeply passionate and focused on how innovations in education and technology evolve work life for the modern workforce. Grace graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.

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