5 Workplace Learning Trends and 5 Predictions for 2017

Now more than ever, L&D (Learning & Development) is critical to the success of a company. In this new elevated position, learning trends show that L&D professionals and CLOs must reinvent themselves and redefine how to deliver learning or risk being left behind. Yesterday was about instructor-led classes and web-based e-learning platforms. Today’s workforce now demands a new learning platform that’s engaging, personalized, mobile, and immersive.

To help L&D professionals shape a next-generation learning environment, we took a deep dive into the profile of the modern online learner to distill key learning trends and what to expect in 2017.

In this report, we highlight:

  • 5 key learning trends based on our Udemy online platform of 13 million students
  • 5 predictions for L&D in 2017
  • Profile of the modern learner: how and what they learn
  • The key forces reshaping L&D from demographics to technology
  • How L&D can harness these trends to reinvent themselves.
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