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Skillsoft & Udemy Business Integration

About Skillsoft

Percipio is Skillsoft’s immersive learning platform, designed to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective. The LXP enables personalized recommendations across content providers to deliver relevant materials aligned with the learner’s interests. Access role-based and skill-based learning paths, including videos, books, audiobooks, hands-on practice labs, and coding sandboxes — whatever works best for your learners.

How it works:

About integration

Staying on top of technological developments and workplace changes is challenging for companies and their employees. Whether it’s learning new technologies or bridging skills gaps, the need for learning is more critical than ever.

Udemy Business is a trusted learning partner that offers a unique set of comprehensive learning solutions to enable talent development across all functions and levels of your organization. Our collection features thousands of high-quality, in-demand courses created and updated at the speed of market change, helping you achieve your most critical business outcomes.

With our Skillsoft Percipio integration, your organization can combine custom training content in Percipio with thousands of curated courses from Udemy Business, creating create dynamic learning paths for your employees.

Skillsoft Percipio administrators can activate the Udemy Business course collection directly within Percipio, allowing learners to easily browse and access the content they need to upskill and meet business objectives.

Key benefits:

Empower employees by centralizing learning in one place

Increase engagement with current content through automatic syncing

Navigate content easily with an intuitive search and discovery experience

Monitor learning progress near real-time and support employee development

Easy and secure access through Single Sign On (SSO)

Take learning on the go with Skillsoft Percipio app

We’re your strategic learning partner to help move skills forward