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CYPHER Learning & Udemy Business Integration

About CYPHER Learning

CYPHER Learning has created an Intelligent Learning Platform. CYPHER Learning is changing the way people teach and learn worldwide. Through intelligent learning, the CYPHER Learning platform is empowering schools, businesses, and entrepreneurs worldwide to reimagine online education and deliver great learning experiences. CYPHER Learning provides a catered solution for each use case on the market, whether you’re looking to teach students, facilitate employee onboarding, or sell online courses. With millions of users in 100+ countries, and translated in 53+ languages, the CYPHER Platform continues to win awards and the trust of learners around the world.

How it works:

About integration

Udemy Business helps users to grow their knowledge and learn in-demand skills with thousands of online courses taught by real-world professionals. The CYPHER Learning and Udemy Business integration provides courses on a wide variety of topics that can now be accessed seamlessly via the CYPHER Matrix. The Udemy Business catalog is organized into categories that you can browse just like your local catalog, all within the CYPHER Matrix UI.

Key benefits:

Centralize all available Udemy Business content, making it easily accessible for employees

Track learning progress from your homescreen in CYPHER Learning

Access complete Udemy course overviews with 1-click enrollment actions via CYPHER Matrix

Learn on the go with the CYPHER Learning app

Get secure learning access through Single Sign On (SSO)

We’re your strategic learning partner to help move skills forward