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  • Access to 26,000+ top courses
  • Certification prep for 200+ exams
  • Practice tests and AI-powered coding exercises
  • Goal-focused recommendations and customizable content
  • Advanced analytics and insights
  • International course collections
  • Dedicated customer success team
  • Assessments, workspaces, labs, and pre-built learning paths with add-on

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  • Access to 11,000+ top courses
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  • Expert-led leadership training
  • Research-based content curation
  • Applied learning, tool kits, and group coaching
  • Asynchronous learning with collaborative discussions
  • Live virtual events
  • AI-powered analytics and insights

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*Udemy Business Pro add-on and Japanese and Korean collections require additional fees.

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Course Management

Course assignment with custom messaging

Custom user groups

Advanced group management

Assign labs, assessments, and Udemy paths (Requires Pro add-on)

Analytics & Reports

User adoption

Individual user engagement

Skill insights

Course insights

Overall user activity

Lab and assessment activity reports (Requires Pro add-on)

Advanced engagement reporting and dashboard for custom content

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Personalized course recommendations

Coding exercises


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Pre-built Udemy paths (Requires Pro add-on)

Multi-modal labs (Requires Pro add-on)

Assessments (Requires Pro add-on)

Workspace technical environments (Requires Pro add-on)


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Reporting API

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Get instant access to the International course collection with your Enterprise subscription.

Train your people in their native language. Our International course content includes 14,000+ courses in Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Indonesian, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean*, and Japanese*
– *Available only with the Premium collection add on