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People Innovators Dinner NYC


Tue, September 10, 2019


6:00 - 9:00 PM


New York City



Digital Transformation is the integration of new technology into all areas of a business, and it presents a cultural change that encourages rethinking old operating models and being comfortable with failure. Learning leaders are core to this transformation and Udemy is here to partner with you as you shepherd your organization through it. Join us at our People Innovators Dinner where we’ll discuss how to pursue digital transformation in your organization. 

You will be in the company of a strategic group of L&D, HR and People executives to engage in a meaningful conversation around how organizations like yours are addressing the digital transformation and the challenges that come with change. Learn how your peers are tackling these shifts and share your best practices with a group of industry leaders.

Remember it’s just as important to develop yourself as it is to develop the people in your organization. Spend the evening connecting with other L&D and HR leaders and leave with a tactical understanding of how you can help your organization through this transformative time.

*This is an invite-only event and seats for the event are reserved for leaders in HR & L&D departments. We reserve the right to deny individual registration to ensure event goals.