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Tilr & Udemy Business Integration

About Tilr

Tilr is a skills-first talent solution that helps organizations measure and manage the skills of their workforce, create strategic development plans and make data-driven talent decisions so companies and their workforce can grow together.

How it works:

About integration

The integration between Tilr and Udemy enables companies to be able to surface Udemy content that fills skills gaps of employees. People leaders and employees alike are able to set goals through learning paths and career journeys in Tilr. Through this integration, Udemy Business analytics will also be surfaced in Tilr along with data on effectiveness of the L&D investment.

Key benefits:

Centralize all available Udemy Business content, making it easily accessible for employees

Easily track learning progress in Tilr

Create learning paths and career paths that guide learners to achieve their goals

Get easy and secure learning access through Single Sign On (SSO)

We’re your strategic learning partner to help move skills forward