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Disprz & Udemy Business Integration

About Disprz

Disprz is an AI-powered, mobile upskilling and reskilling suite, helping enterprises unlock business potential by enabling organization-wide skilling, while personalizing learning for the individual. Be it knowledge or frontline workers, Disprz identifies and benchmarks employees’ skills needed for different job roles, assesses their current levels, creates impactful learning pathways, drives hyper-personalized learning to bridge skill gaps and drives learning adoption. Disprz makes available insightful analytics that link back skilling to business performance. Our goal is to empower organizations to drive the right skills to create immediate and sustained business impact - be it higher sales, better customer service, impactful leadership, or digital transformation.

How it works:

About integration

Through the integration, Disprz and Udemy have made just-in-time, immersive and cohort-based learning far more accessible. Through a simple click of a button, organizations can now quickly access a variety of content on demand to save time and provide an uninterrupted learning journey for their employees.

Key benefits:

Empower employees by centralizing learning in one place

Accelerate digital transformation by allowing employees to search and discover the best tech courses from Udemy Business on HowNow

Get actionable insights by tracking course consumption and completions

Easy and secure access through Single Sign On (SSO)

Take learning on the go with the Disprz app

We’re your strategic learning partner to help move skills forward