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Showroom of McLaren race cars

Racing meets learning & skills:
a first-of-its-kind partnership

We’re thrilled to unveil a ground-breaking partnership that merges the lanes of world-class racing and global skills. Udemy and the McLaren Racing family come together, fuelling a shared mission of high performance and high purpose.

McLaren X Udemy Partnership

One of a kind deal

A partnership that spans across F1, FE, Extreme E and Indy

History in the making

A day to remember, take a look at some of the photographs taken on the day of our partnership launch

McLaren racing team members standing behind a McLaren race car
Large McLaren structure
Two McLaren racing team members standing in a vehicle showroom
Udemy branding on a McLaren race car

Why this partnership matters to you?

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Elevate your

Just as McLaren pushes the boundaries on the racetrack, Udemy empowers you to push your limits. Together, we’re committed to driving individuals and businesses forward, elevating everyone’s game.

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packed learning:

We believe in the power of continuous learning. Immerse yourself in the synergy of speed and education, and see how it supercharges your personal and professional journey.

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A unique

This isn’t just a partnership; it’s a revolution in access to skills. Experience the thrill of racing combined with the empowerment of learning.

Exclusive course launch:
McLaren Racing 101


Want to learn more about Why McLaren? Join us to deep dive into the rich history of the McLaren Racing family. From their early beginnings, championship triumphs, and some of their roadblocks along the way. Immerse yourself in the passion, innovation, and drive that defines the multi-series racing experts that are McLaren Racing. A one-of-a-kind learning experience, crafted with insights from the legends of the track and presented by McLaren and Udemy.

Get involved:
be a part of the race

Join us as we mark the beginning of this thrilling partnership. Share your learning stories, engage with racing experts, and witness how high performance and high purpose shape the future.

Lando Norris - F1 Driver for McLaren

Interactive webinars

Join conversations with McLaren Racing’s top engineers and personnel, go behind the scenes and learn how access to skills and learning are critical to the team’s success and how you can apply these learnings to your team too.

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Community challenges

Participate in community challenges for a chance to win exclusive Udemy x McLaren Racing merchandise and experiences.

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McLaren 750 S 7 vehicle

Shared Stories:

Use #UdemyRacesWithMcLaren to share your learning journey and how you’re revving up your performance with Udemy.

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High performance. High purpose.

Together, Udemy and McLaren are set to redefine the frontiers of learning, skills and racing. Be part of this unique journey, where every lap is a lesson, and every course is a step closer to the finish line.