Learning Paths for Technical Professionals

GenAI Skills Pack for Technical Professionals

Foundational learning path for technical professionals who want to accelerate software development and data insights, improve productivity, build LLM-powered applications, and gain an overview of the security risks associated with GenAI.









~11 hours

This curated learning path is designed to provide a strong foundation in GenAI for tech professionals who are seeking to enhance their skills, optimize software development processes, and gain awareness of security considerations in GenAI implementation.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the various GenAI tools and techniques for improving the productivity of the tech team.
  2. Understand the foundations for building LLM-powered applications, including an introduction to fine-tuning.
  3. Implement ChatGPT security practices. 
  4. Obtain an overview of the security risks associated with GenAI and the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Target audience:

This learning path is designed for technical professionals working in software development, data analysis, or related fields. Ideal roles may include software developers, software engineers, data analysts, data scientists, security professionals, general technical professionals, leaders of tech teams, or individuals interested in understanding the security risks and cybersecurity landscape at work.

Make AI your ally with a GenAI Skills Pack