Learning Paths for Business Professionals

GenAI Skills for Sales Professionals

This learning path is designed for sales professionals to improve productivity with GenAI. Learners develop skills to drive sales strategies, build sales funnels, segment leads, improve direct outreach, enhance communication skills, and optimize productivity.


Craft emails

Create impactful sales presentations

Build automated sales funnels

Lead segmentation

Negotiation strategies




~4 hours 30 minutes (2/12/24)

Learning objectives:

  • Develop the skills to write GenAI-powered emails that convert.
  • Learn how to create persuasive sales presentations that connect with customers, grab their attention, and build trust.
  • Understand how to build automated sales funnels with GenAI to acquire leads, personalize the customer experience, and make data-driven decisions to convert prospects.
  • Learn AI-driven lead segmentation techniques to precisely target prospects, personalize approaches, increase engagement, and maximize conversion rates.
  • Master negotiation strategies that use GenAI to analyze data, create compelling offers, overcome objections, and close more deals successfully.

Target audience:

Sales professionals who want to improve their productivity and effectiveness using GenAI.

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