Learning Paths for Business Professionals

GenAI Skills for Finance Professionals

This learning path is designed for Finance Professionals who want to unlock new levels of efficiency, insight, and impact using AI.


Craft prompts

Financial research

Data analysis

Finance productivity

Risk management




~23 hours

Learning objectives:

  • Discover time-saving hacks, automation tools, and productivity frameworks tailored to the finance world. 
  • Learn how to create effective prompts to unlock crucial accounting information, gain a deeper understanding of financial statements, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Craft prompts for insightful financial analysis, identifying trends, uncovering risks and opportunities, and making informed predictions.
  • Use AI-powered prompts for effective communication and collaboration with business partners, fostering understanding and driving mutual success.
  • Develop risk management skills through AI-powered prompts, proactively identify potential issues, and implement effective mitigation strategies.

Target audience:

Finance professionals

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