Program: HR Accelerator

Develop HR skills that add measurable value to your organization and prepare your team for fulfilling careers in HR.

Program Highlights

Help your people connect HR to business strategy

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Time Commitment: ~1 hour per day
  • Certification: RBL Certificate of Completion
  • Target Audience: HR professionals at all levels

Enroll your leaders in the next open program starting in early January, 2022—or run the program privately within your company.


  • Take steps to ensure the HR team focus is outside-in, and use tools and approaches to pursue new revenue opportunities for your company.
  • Discover and develop HR competencies defined within the 2021 8th Annual Global Competency Assessment.
  • Learn why and how to simplify complexity in business and HR practices.

Participants will…

  • Learn and apply the STEPED tool to understand the business context for your organization’s HR initiatives.
  • Explore the complexities within your current practices and define actions that are necessary for simplifying work.
  • Begin to create a digital agenda for your HR function, and review emerging trends in talent, leadership, and organizations.

About the experts

  • Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • Ranked #1 most influential international thought leader in HR by HR Magazine
  • Partner at the RBL Group, providing consulting and research for half of the Fortune 200
  • Nobels Colloquia Prize for Leadership on Business and Economic Thinking
  • Partner and co-founder of the RBL Group
  • Author of eight books and over a hundred articles about leadership and organization effectiveness Leadership Brand, Leadership Code, Leadership Sustainability and Agile Talent
  • Recognized by Harvard Business Review for “innovative and ground-breaking work on effective leadership”
  • Former faculty member in executive education at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Program Overview

  • Understand why HR from the outside-in means connecting actions and organizational capabilities to value creation activities
  • Learn how today’s HR functions create value for customers, investors, and communities in addition to employees and business leaders
  • Apply the STEPED tool to discover opportunities for revenue growth
  • Learn how to use digital information to improve decision making
  • Identify from a four-phase evolution the level of maturity in your HR digital capabilities
  • Explore approaches to attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining talent
  • Review talent initiatives for developing employee competence, commitment, and contribution
  • Understand how HR builds a brand for the organization’s leadership team that is valued by investors
  • Analyze employee performance trends through career stages and how high potential talent differs
  • Learn to apply the 7 drivers that strengthen employee commitment
  • Examine key factors that drive employee contribution
  • Understanding the importance of finding meaning at work
  • The making of abundance
  • Strategies for defining meaning at work
  • Understanding your personal meaning and vision
  • Constructing an EVP
  • Evaluating what your talent values most
  • Building a positive work environment
  • Increasing abundance at your organization
  • Understand how critical thinking becomes a tool to “simplify complexity”
  • Learn to manage your career, assess your resources, adapt to change, and practice self-coaching
  • Learn how to develop your personal brand

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