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Unlocking Technical Certifications: A Panel Discussion With Our Instructors

Keeping up with the latest technical certifications is essential in a workplace that’s heavily dependent on technology. Certifications demonstrate that technical teams are ready for specific types of work, and they bring value to organizations as well as individual workers. 

Why are technical certifications vital for your teams and how should you help prepare them for certification?

In this webinar, we bring together some of our top-selling Udemy Business tech instructors for a panel discussion about the importance of technological skills certifications.

Watch this webinar you to: 

  • Learn why technical certifications are valuable for technical teams
  • Understand which certifications are most important to keep your talent up-to-date with technology changes.
  • Find out the best way to prepare for technical certifications and why Udemy Business Pro is your ultimate technical certification preparation solution
  • Discover how certifications can improve hiring and recruiting by assessing a candidate’s knowledge and skills
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