Unlock your team’s competitive edge with the most in-demand tech skills

Discover which technical and IT skills your employees need today to drive tomorrow’s successes.

What skills do your teams need to succeed?

Investment in continuous learning for your tech teams can unlock productivity, faster growth, and increase speed-to-market.

Top 10 skills for building cloud infrastructure

With cloud computing skills, tech teams build efficient infrastructure for their organizations on third-party internet-based platforms, rather than on expensive in-house data centers.

Top 10 skills for data science and analysis

Data literacy is the language of business today, spoken by both non-technical and deeply technical employees.

Top 10 skills for hybrid DevOps teams

A DevOps workflow shortens the time teams need to develop, launch, and offer continued support for new software products while making the process more effective.

Top 10 skills for building websites and applications

Skills that enable developers to build a website that effectively conveys value propositions and product information while driving awareness are invaluable to a modern business.

The changing pace of global tech jobs

Hands-on training is critical for tech and IT professionals to learn new skills. Experiential learning opportunities help cloud computing specialists, data scientists, and web developers think critically, practice deliberately, and learn from mistakes in risk-free scenarios.

The CIO’s growing influence

According to a Deloitte-Wall Street Journal Intelligence survey, 40% of CEOs said their CIO or other tech leaders will be the key driver of business strategy.

Shifting work landscape

The World Economic Forum estimates 97 million new jobs will emerge by 2025 to address new technology and automation needs.

Digitalizing work processes

Hybrid workplace policies are accelerating digital transformation, with 84% of employers set to digitalize their internal processes — in part to help employees work from anywhere.

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