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The top 10 software development skills

Veteran web developers know the demand for new languages and tools can arise fast. Companies that offer constant access to software development training help teams stay ahead of industry trends.


A versatile object-oriented programming language, Java is in demand largely as the official language of the Android operating system. Developers like Java for its automatic memory management and its ability to execute code on any Java Virtual Machine without re-compilation.


A foundational skill for most web developers, JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language used to make web applications. JavaScript is popular for creating dynamic user experiences without requiring a page reload.


When creating desktop, web, and mobile app interfaces, developers use the open-source JavaScript library, React, because of its fast end-user experience. Applications built with React are rendered directly in the browser, without waiting for a server response.


Cascading Style Sheets, aka CSS, is a markup language most commonly used to style HTML web pages. Developers use CSS to enhance a site’s overall look, from fonts and colors to spacing and layout.


An all-in-one open-source JavaScript framework, Angular is a favorite for building highly reactive single-page applications. Any site change is made in the browser for a fast, mobile-like user experience.


Microservices power the efficiencies of modern web development. They allow developers to break applications down into modular chunks of code that can be developed and tested separately before they are added to a site.


Originally designed specifically for Windows, C# is now the programming language of choice for video game developers working with the Unite Engine and Microsoft app developers.


Indispensable for web developers, Git is an open-source version control system that tracks changes to projects. Teams use Git to manage and collaborate on code, which they store in project repositories during development.

Spring Boot

Developers building Spring applications use the Spring Boot framework to simplify the creation of web and mobile applications. Production is much faster with Spring Boot and includes metrics to monitor an app’s performance after launch.

Spring Framework

Simply called “Spring,” this backend framework is an industry standard for enterprise Java applications. It removes many of the complexities of Java infrastructure development so teams can focus on the application itself.

The top software development skills list is based on Udemy Business enrollment data.

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