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The top 10 DevOps skills for tech team

Adopting DevOps in the software development lifecycle blurs the line between developers, QA testers, cybersecurity specialists, and IT architects, creating broader capabilities across teams.


Kubernetes is a container orchestrator. It deploys, manages, and scales the running of containers (like Docker) for software applications.


Docker containers, lightweight packages that hold everything needed to run an application, are central to the efficiencies DevOps creates. Docker streamlines development, reducing the time from testing and deploying code.


This open-source Java tool automates many monotonous tasks required in software development. Teams use Jenkins to build and test software continuously so that it’s easier to integrate changes.


Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are key tenets of the DevOps workflow. The CI/CD pipeline enables developers to make code changes and deliver them into production faster, helping companies ship products to market more quickly.


Used to create scalable IT environments, the Ansible automation engine performs DevOps administration tasks, including application deployment, provisioning, and configuration management.


Teams use Terraform to write infrastructure as code (IaC) in order to manage public or private cloud data. IaC allows for greater team collaboration, version documentation, and redeploying of infrastructure whenever necessary.

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate

Understanding best practices of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) is an important part of using Terraform in DevOps. Earning certifications in HashiCorp’s Terraform validates your employees’ ability to codify cloud infrastructure.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Preparing for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam develops the skills necessary to build, manage, and deploy Kubernetes environments. Certification exam prep gives learners access to practice quizzes, ensuring they understand the application of their new skills.

Shell scripting

For DevOps teams working in Linux or Mac systems, shell scripting is a valuable skill for automating time-consuming tasks. These automations include executing routine backups or linking programs together.


Though it started as a big data platform, Splunk is now a popular tool for DevOps teams for real-time analysis across every stage of software delivery.

The top DevOps skills list is based on Udemy Business enrollment data.

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