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The top 10 data science and analysis skills

Data is everyone’s business in today’s working world. Organizations that see meaningful outcomes in productivity and revenue have a common thread — a data culture that invests in continuous data upskilling.


SQL — Structured Query Language — is an indispensable programming language for data science professionals, allowing them to query, manipulate, and define the data found in a relational database.

Microsoft Power BI

A popular tool for business intelligence and analytics needs, Microsoft Power BI empowers employees to gather and analyze business data. No development skills are required to create dashboards and easily share data insights.

Machine learning

Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, describes computer algorithms trained on large quantities of data to build predictive models. Think smartphone assistants and recommendation engines.

Data analysis

As companies create large amounts of data each day, the need for data analysis skills to process and analyze that data continues to grow. Whether using simple math or complex calculations, data analysis allows teams to gain insights and make informed business decisions.

Artificial intelligence

Built on a foundation of data science, artificial intelligence (AI) uses computers to mimic the human brain. AI algorithms are taught to learn, think, and correct themselves on provided data.


Based on SQL, MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. Created by Oracle, it uses a server-client database model and is especially popular, thanks to its scalability and security.


As an organization’s data volume increases, so does that data’s complexity. The ability to create statistical tests and analyses is crucial for deriving insights from qualitative and quantitative data.


If it’s data visualization you’re looking for, Tableau skills can help. This business intelligence software, owned by Salesforce, analyzes structured data to create interactive dashboards that bring data storytelling to life.

Data modeling

Data modeling is a critical skill to help teams identify possible issues within a data set. Modeling translates and maps data in a way that more closely resembles the real world than many databases can.

Big data

Based on SQL, MySQL is an open-source relational database management Pushing beyond the limits of traditional databases, big data methodologies and skills allow companies to capture and manage complex data efficiently.

The top data science and analytics skills list is based on Udemy Business enrollment data.

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