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The top 10 cloud computing skills

The efficiencies of cloud infrastructure aren’t just for enterprises. As mid-size and small businesses are also discovering, upskilling IT teams with cloud training and certifications drives efficiencies, increases productivity, and saves money.

AWS certification

With digital transformation accelerating in recent years, interest in public cloud platforms is also growing. Demand for employees with Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications is up, as IT teams move away from costly on-premise IT services to ones accessible from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals

The skills related to the Azure Fundamentals certification give learners foundational knowledge of Azure cloud services. It’s also helpful for non-tech employees who work in adjacent roles like sales or procurement.

AZ 900 Azure Certification_Course Card

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The Cloud Practitioner certification measures a learner’s understanding of the AWS platform basics. In preparing for this exam, employees will learn the most efficient ways to navigate the AWS platform and get started in cloud computing.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Among the most in-demand AWS certifications, skills related to the Solutions Architect – Associate help learners design and implement distributed systems on AWS. Employees with this certification should have the ability to architect secure applications on AWS.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure, is a popular public cloud option for enterprise companies requiring strong security implementation. A focus on cybersecurity is critical for keeping cloud systems online and data protected.

Google Cloud Certification

Cloud computing certifications aren’t just for traditional IT departments. Other technical employees like DevOps specialists, cybersecurity professionals, data scientists, and machine learning engineers may benefit from one of the 11 Google Cloud certifications available.

AWS Certified Developer Associate

For IT employees ready to level up their AWS knowledge, the Developer Associate certification confers skills in writing and deploying cloud-based applications on AWS. Learners should have programming experience and an understanding of AWS services.

Microsoft AZ-104: Azure Administrator

The skills required for the AZ-104 certification help employees implement and manage their companies’ cloud infrastructure. Capabilities include configuring identity, compute, storage, and virtual networks for Azure environments.

Google Cloud

In use on Gmail, Search, and YouTube, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the newest of the top three public cloud computing providers featured on this list. Teams like GCP for its affordability, straightforward user interface, and access to the TensorFlow machine learning library.

Google Cloud: Associate Cloud Engineer

Skills learned in preparation for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification are a good starting point for anyone new to Google Cloud or cloud computing in general. These beginner skills include building familiarity with Google Cloud Platform design and its unique services.

The top cloud computing skills list is based on Udemy Business enrollment data.

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