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The Market-Driven Value Network

Today, supply chains largely operate with traditional processes focused on having the right product at the right place at the right time. Market-driven value networks, on the other hand, are adaptive supply chains that can quickly align organizations market-to-market to focus on the delivery of a value-based outcome. The market-driven network is a more mature state of the demand-driven network. These market-driven value networks sense and translate market changes on both the buy and sell side, with near real-time data latency. This enables the supply chain to better optimize and align sell, deliver, make, and sourcing operations.

In this course, we explore:

  • Why the market-driven network matters
  • Learning to speak the language of demand
  • The role of supply in market-driven processes
  • Common mistakes on the market-driven journey
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Learners Will:

  • Assess their organization’s use of demand terminology
  • Identify areas of misalignment in the demand- and market-driven levers their organizations apply
  • Identify and vote on the critical changes their organizations must make to become more market-driven

Developed in Partnership With:


Lora Cecere

Founder of Supply Chain Insights and Industry Analyst at Gartner, AMR Research, and Altimeter Group

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