Negotiating On Behalf Of Your Organization

Aligning Internal Stakeholders and Building Consensus

Negotiating on Behalf of Your Organization allows learners to continue building skills they developed in Negotiating for Mutual Gains. This course adds a second, parallel idea.

To be effective, negotiators need to ensure that they have done their best to develop their skills, and that key organizational processes, practices and behaviors are aligned with bargaining strategies so that the organization achieves the best results.

The key objectives in this course include:

  • Continuing to build individual skills with the Mutual Gains Approach
  • Practical application of negotiation tools designed to help organize and navigate the complexities of multi-party negotiations.
  • Identifying organizational barriers that prevent or reduce impact, and collaboratively building strategies to break down these barriers.
  • Developing shared perspectives on organizational objectives and barriers so learners understand how their actions affect other key members of the negotiation value-chain.
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Learners Will:

  • Discover how to better navigate complex, multi-party negotiations
  • Practice internal negotiation techniques through hands-on practice scenarios

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Developed in partnership with:


  • Negotiation


Lawrence Susskind

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Founder and Co-Founder of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

Hal Movius

Founder & President, Movius Consulting and Visiting Executive Lecturer, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia

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